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PostPosted: June 22nd, 2017, 2:27 pm 

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A couple months ago DougM sold me his new-condition Tire Minder brand TPM kit. The model is the A1A. I just got around to installing it today and so far I love it. There are 6 monitors that individually screw onto the valve stem of each tire. The handheld monitoring device has an extendable antenna and can monitor up to 22 tires. It comes with a window mounting device, a theft deterrent hex locking ring, and a small electronic signal boosting device.

Installing it first involved airing up my tires to my desired psi. Turn the unit on and go into the learning mode. Scroll to your first tire you want to work on and then screw on the monitor. Within 10 seconds it picks it up and shows the pressure and then the tire's temperature. Scroll to your next tire and do it again. When you're done you then set each tire's baseline psi. That's what the unit uses to determine whether to alert you to a slow or fast leak. It also alert if it goes over pressure. A "rapid air loss" alert is given if a tire loses 3 or more psi within 2 minutes. A "semi-rapid air loss" alert is given if 6 or more psi is lost in 2-10 minutes. A "normal air loss" alert is when it drops 15% below the baseline of its air over a "long period of time". There are 2 temperature alarms. If the internal tire temp exceeds 167deg, you get an intermittent beep. When it exceeds 185 it's a steady beep and it's recommended you pull over to find out what's causing the high temp.

The device operates on the 433mhz frequency and it has stated several times in the manual to make sure you install the booster. DougM didn't and I didn't and it's reading just fine. With the booster you can get around 150ft away (supposedly) and I'm currently in my house about 40ft away and it's a strong signal.

The manual states not to keep the security locking ring on it full time, but only when in high-crime areas. They don't say why it should stay off when not needed. Maybe it adds a little extra weight or something that over time and many rotations, it could do damage.

Each monitor uses a 3V 1632 watch-type lithium battery that is easy to replace. When you register they have a free battery replacement program that every year they will send you batteries and you send back the old ones for disposal. I guess that's built into the price. The battery booster can be hard-wired or use the included alligator clips. The receiver has what appears to be a non-replaceable lithium battery. They say it'll last 2 weeks on standby mode or you can completely shut it down. They include a cigarette adapter and a micro USB cable for charging. The receiver has a suction cup mounting device you can use and I think I'll just put it on the cup console. It's not something you stare at (unless you want to watch the temp rise as you drive) but you want it nearby in case an alarm goes off. I would probably check it at gas stations and rest stops.

I know I got this at a great discount on this board but I was already looking and would be prepared to bite the bullet and pay full price. My research on this brand shows it is well-regarded by the users as well as reviewers. So far so good, but I need to put some miles on it and will try to remember to update this with any cons I come across. I like having the peace of mind of easily checking my tire pressure and if the stories of how rv damage was saved by catching a fast leak in time are true, it's money well spent.

Tire Minder TM-A1A

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PostPosted: July 19th, 2017, 12:36 am 

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Glad its everything you expected.

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