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El Lobo Country

September 7th, 2017, 2:09 pm

We made another foray into the Gila National Forest to look at some lakeside cabins as a potential summer retreat. Turned out the cabins were packed together in a run down development far from the “idyllic rustic retreat” euphemistically described by the realtor. Perhaps rustic really means a fixer upper with weeds growing through the floor! The experience only reinforced the fact our Chinook is truly an ideal mobile cabin in the woods of our own choosing.

Mesa Campground nearby was much nicer and almost deserted after Labor day. So we hiked in the cool of early morning and were treated to a rare glimpse of a pair of Mexican wolves entering a canyon. The wolves passed too quickly for a photo so I show the local sign instead. Our nervous puppy wisely decided not to bark at them.

The only drama was a flat tire due to a loose valve stem but fortunately we were close to home. I shall report further details once the tire is replaced tomorrow.
4 AM campfire to start the day while the Chinook still naps
Mexican gray wolf (El Lobo) informational sign
Rock with a view near the wolf crossing

Re: El Lobo Country

September 8th, 2017, 1:43 pm

I love the time between Labor Day and winter (or "winter" depending on location). Growing up in bitter-cold-and-snow country, I much preferred spring to fall (knowing what was coming), but now I think fall is just the best. More settled weather, beauty, and fewer crowds.

Thanks for the report - it's so nice that you take the time to write them and to include photos.

And yeah, those real-estate descriptions; you always have to translate them into what they *really* mean. Boo.
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