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Re: The infamous check engine light...

April 16th, 2017, 6:27 am

retiredtim wrote:Changed all 3 components and light kept coming on. It was driving me crazy until I followed the compression line to the right side of the engine. Found two 3" connecter hoses (connection to metal hoses to intake), they were rotten. Changed them and my problem was solved. (let me know if you need a solenoid, I have an extra)

Thanks. Your two codes are opposites too much and too little EGR air flow. Good thing it was a simple fix. I don't suspect I have any major issues but you never know. Working on the engine of an E350 is a pain especially for us old guys. I'll update my progress.

(I was shocked at the amount of those maple tree whirligigs sitting on top of the engine I sucked out with a shop vac.)

Re: The infamous check engine light...

June 12th, 2017, 8:17 am

Just to tie a bow on this thread......I appear to be code free. It runs smoothly with no miss. I wish I could give a definitive answer on how the codes went away. I put fresh gas in, checked all connections especially at the cylinder that the scanner said was the issue and cleared probably 2-3 cups of maple tree whirlygigs off of the top of the motor. I suspected moisture from sitting or connection problem as the motor has under 25,000 miles and I didn't think I had a bad coil pack. On a positive note buying a scanner and dealing with this myself has probably saved me a few hundred bucks at the dealer made the investment worthwhile.

On a side note I gave the ODBII scanner I bought to my cousin who I bought the motorhome from and purchased a "BlueDriver" that works with my ipad (or a smartphone) and not only can clear codes but can supply possible fixes and real time data. It can also be left connected to your ODBII port. I really like its features and versatility in providing data that not only defines the codes but providing suggestion to resolve issues.

https://www.amazon.com/BlueDriver-Bluet ... B00652G4TS

Re: The infamous check engine light...

September 6th, 2017, 3:00 pm

Well time for the second bow on this topic. The check engine light came back on a few days ago so I took it into Ford today to have them diagnose the issue as we are in the process of packing to move. They determined both the coil pack and injector were good on the offending cylinder and it was a single spark plug that was bad. $158 to diagnose and install a new plug. Cheap by today's standards. :lol:
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