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Norcold 600/6000 series refrigerator

August 14th, 2016, 6:37 pm

I don't know all the years/models this refrigerator was in, but I can say they were probably at least in 1997 to 1999 Premiers (I looked at one of each when I was shopping and as part of my research had gathered this material on the refrigerator).

The one that I wrote down was a Norcold 6053 (but they both looked the same, so the other one likely was also a 6053). This is an absorption refrigerator (i.e. runs on propane) and has one full height door on the outside, with a separate plastic freezer door after you open the main door.

It seems to be referred to as both 600 series and 6000 series (?).

Here is a photo of this type of refrigerator:


Here is a "repair guide"
norcold 600 series repair guide.pdf
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And a parts list
Norcold-PL_6000 SERIES_619702_20100902.pdf
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Re: Norcold 600/6000 series refrigerator

August 14th, 2016, 6:41 pm

And here are two documents that list and compare possible replacements. These days, I'd replace one with a compressor refrigerator not an absorption, but some people would likely prefer another absorption type. And either way, this gives some good dimensional info.

By the way, the same years Concourses had the Dometic RM3663, which is a bit larger, but that may give some good information as to the potential size of the "hole." the 3663 went all the way up to the ceiling so it was larger (as opposed to having the half-depth cabinet in front of the chimney space).

Probably obvious, but the reason the refrigerator is on a "platform" instead of right on the floor is that the generator box extends up into the coach there.

Norcold 6053 replacement.png

Norcold conversion.pdf
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