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Section for discussion of Chinook interior and appliance issues, repair or installation.
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Chinook sliding windows

November 6th, 2017, 7:03 am

I am trying to correct leaks around the windows of my 1977 Chinook 18+ Rv. Does anyone know what I need to replace the seals around the sliding portion of the windows. please email me back "degould52@hotmail.com"

Thank you.

Re: Chinook sliding windows

November 7th, 2017, 11:08 am

Welcome! I've always liked the 18+ --- classic!

I can't help directly, because I'm sure my '99 has different windows. Chinook used quite a few different window brands and styles (even just from one year to the next). Some were Hehr, some SE-GI, and likely some were something else.

Could you post some photos of your windows and the problem areas? That might help as we could see what you are referring to.

Other possibilities are to check companies like Pelland Enterprises and Vintage Trailer Supply, who carry many parts and pieces for (what are now) vintage windows. I have bought parts and pieces from both of them for windows in 1970's trailers. Also, there are RV salvage yards.

It's possible the windows were made just for Chinook, but even so, I'd guess they were made by a known window manufacturer, and thus would share some common parts with other RV windows.


PS: If anyone responding could respond here (vs. only via e-mail to the poster), then others now or in future might be able to use the info. I think it's valuable to have it in a thread (haven't we all had the experience of *finally* finding the thread that could contain the info we seek and then it just trails off..... :(
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